HENRY CAVENDISH (1731- 1810)


HENRY CAVENDISH (1731- 1810) (founder of hydrogen)

(1) The person who discovered ‘HYDROGEN’ in 1766 in England.

(2) Hydrogen is the first atom in the periodic table.

(3) The word Hydrogen comes from the Greek word “water forming”.

(4) Water forms when the Hydrogen burnt in the air.

(5) Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the Universe(75%).

(6) With atomic number 1, it has one proton and one electron.

(7) Hydrogen is the only element whose isotopes are identified, namely, Protium, Deuterium and Tritium.

(8) Hydrogen is lighter than air and 10 times less dense than water.

(9) Hydrogen makes up over 90% of the universe and is responsible for powering it.

(10) Most of the Hydrogen atoms are nearly about 15 millions years ago and were formed following the “BIG BANG” at the birth of our universe.

(11) The main constituent of the sun is Hydrogen, which is the source of light.

(12) Hydrogen also combines with most of the elements to form hydrogen chloride (HCl), Hydrogen fluoride

(Hf), Hydrogen iodide(HI), Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and Hydrogen telluride(H2Te).


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